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About the book

Available in audio (narrated by Jay Shetty), digital and physical formats worldwide.

Viral Storyteller and #1 Podcast host Jay Shetty simplifies the timeless wisdom he learned as a monk into practical, actionable steps to train your mind for peace and purpose everyday.

In this honest, inspiring and empowering book, Jay focuses in on what he believes are the roadblocks to our potential and power, helping you develop the skills and tools to breakthrough negativity, anxiety, overthinking and peoples expectations.

This book is an effortless guide on how ANYONE can Think Like a Monk: courageous, compassionate and determined; and why it isn’t a choice but a necessity in our fast-paced, stressed out and disconnected world.

Discover how Jay rebelled against the norm to find happiness and meaning through self awareness and deep work and in this book you’re invited to take that journey with him.

You’ll learn how to

You'll learn how to

  1. 1

    Train your mind for peace and purpose everyday

  2. 2

    Learn to stop living based on people’s opinions and start living on your terms

  3. 3

    Remove negativity and overcome toxic relationships and habits

  4. 4

    Heal your anxiety, fear and pain from the past

  5. 5

    Uncover your true passion and purpose

  1. 6

    Create effective morning and evening routines that transform your daily habits

  2. 7

    Stop overthinking and procrastinating and train your mind to focus

  3. 8

    Put aside your ego to clear the path to success

  4. 9

    Develop an impactful gratitude practice that goes deeper than a list

  5. 10

    Find and develop true compatibility in relationships

Listen to a sample of the Audiobook read by Jay, which you can buy from audible

  • Novak Djokovic

    Jay has made a fascinating journey, from classroom to ashram to finance and now entrepreneurship. I love how he’s brought his experience, teachings and love for conscious, purposeful living to millions of people around the world. This book is a clear and powerful guide to achieving a balanced life.


    Jay Shetty shows you step by step how to build your power, shifting your focus from self-image to self-esteem. This book frees you from the hypnosis of social conditioning and helps you become the architect of your own life.

  • Laurie Santos

    This delightful book combines all the ancient secrets to happiness with the latest insights from neuroscience and psychology, It’s a tour de force that's sure to enlighten all who seek the good life.

  • Khloé Kardashian

    An inspiring book about the way life should be lived, and loved. Jay’s beautiful words are touching, informative and empowering. I aspire to live every day by the wisdom he conveys. A non-negotiable must-read.

  • Daniel G. Amen, MD

    This powerful book is worth a year of psychotherapy to those who practice its wisdom. It is so needed in a world that encourages sloppy thinking. I highly recommend it.

  • Robert Waldinger, MD

    Grab this book, find a comfortable chair, and let Jay Shetty take you on a life-changing journey. Jay guides us with warmth and clarity on a path to greater joy and purpose, offering wisdom that can be put into practice right now. You will want to share it with everyone you love.

  • Arthur M. Blank

    I’ve spent a lifetime listening to experts in business, sports and philanthropy who have helped me ‘curate’ core values that drive my daily decision making. Jay’s book took me to the next level by describing the values of monks – the original purpose experts – and showing how their timeless wisdom relates to the challenges we face now. Jay teaches us that anyone can adopt a monk mindset to find meaning, passion and purpose.

  • Payal Kadakia

    This book is an incredible source of wisdom about how to live a life full of peace and purpose. Jay’s stories, studies and insights have given me new techniques to live and protect my dharma, to act with intention by knowing my deepest “why,” and to declutter and focus my mind so I can be more present in my daily life.

  • Brian Grazer

    This is a life-changing book whose time is now. In our fast-paced, digitized world, every calibration we make matters. Jay’s compelling story offers a unique perspective on life that helped me clarify and redefine my own personal pathway to happiness and success. This is definitely one of the most beneficial books I have ever read.


    Jay Shetty has a rare gift for tapping into the world’s timeless wisdom and making it timely by infusing everyday moments with meaning and grace. He’s already shared glimmers of that wisdom with millions on social media, but here he gathers it all into one life-changing volume. Read this book to open your mind, lift your heart, redefine success, and connect with your deeper purpose.

  • Kathleen Hogan

    Having hosted Jay at Microsoft and personally experienced his profound wisdom and powerful teachings shared with humor and humility, I know Think Like a Monk will be a rare gift for those who seek to tame their mind and focus on what matters to live a life rich with meaning, gratitude and service toward others. Jay beautifully shares the centuries-old mysteries of monastic life and translates them into modern tools and tactics that anyone can practice.


    Combining ancient wisdom with the practicalities of today, Think Like a Monk provides essential guidance for traveling a balanced path to success.

  • Eva Longoria

    Jay Shetty has written a book especially for you. He takes abstract concepts like compassion and humility and makes them applicable to your life. He teaches us how to emotionally reflect on our daily motivations in life. Why are we doing the things we do? He reminds us that success won’t guarantee happiness but being in touch with our mind and soul will lead us to our purpose and meaning. And this, ultimately will bring us joy. Thank you Jay for embarking on this journey so that we can learn from it.


    Who better to help you find meaning in your life than a monk? Jay’s experience and wisdom are invaluable to anyone looking to improve their life and reach their full potential.

About the author

Jay Shetty’s vision is to Make Wisdom Go Viral. He is on a mission to share the timeless wisdom of the world in an accessible, relevant and practical way. He has produced over 400 viral videos which have surpassed more than 7 billion views, and his podcast, On Purpose is consistently ranked as the #1 Health podcast in the world. He was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017 for being a game changer in the world of media and has won both the Streamy and Shorty Awards for Best Health and Wellness Creator of the Year 2018.

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